ELSA Traineeships 

ELSA Traineeships is an ELSA programme that offers its members the possibility of having an international experience thanks to the different traineeship vacancies offered all over the world. The program is divided into two cycles: the winter cycle and the spring cycle. ELSA offers both "normal" on-site Traineeship vacancies, which require physical presence throughout the Traineeship period, and online Traineeship vacancies, which are done remotely from the Trainee's home office.



Law students

ELSA Traineeships are open for students, graduates and young lawyers who study or have studied law in university.


ELSA members

ELSA Traineeships are available for everyone who is a member of an ELSA Group (Local or National). The membership is regulated by each local/national Group of ELSA.

If you are based in one of the 43 National Groups of ELSA, contact them directly about ELSA membership.


External Applicants

In case there is no ELSA Group in your country, you might be able to still apply for ELSA Traineeships as an External Applicant.

You need to pay the External Application Fee.

The External Application Fee for the 1st Cycle (Autumn 2023 or Spring 2024) is 15€.

The External Application Fee for both cycles (Autumn and Spring 2023/2024) is 25€.


Write professionaldevelopment@elsa.org for more information.